Cass 6 Wheel & Rod
Nelson Riedel,
6/24/2004, last updated

Cass 6 Wheel:   The photo on right shows the front of the Cass 6 wheel.  
A back view of the wheel.  The spokes are tapered to both the front and back indicating that a double sided pattern was used.    A single sided pattern and taper the spokes only in one direction with the small thickness at the front is acceptable for the model --- and probably less expensive.   
The axel is about 6 inches in diameter and the hub is about 11 inches.   Note that the axel and wheel are keyed and the wheel seems to be a press fit on the axel. 
A closer view of the counter weight.  The front of the tire is about even with the wheel rim  The counterweight sticks out about a half inch from the wheel rim

The drawing below shows the dimensions of the Cass 6 wheel.   

Allen Wheel Casting: This is a photo of a Heisler wheel casting made by Allen Models.    The OD is ~ 5.6" so the finished wheel will be about 5.25" ---  which would be 39.375" at 1.6" scale.  One might be able to stretch it to a full scale 40" ----a near perfect model of the Cass 6 wheel. 

The wheel is ~ 1.1" thick so there is plenty of material in that direction. 

Rod:  This photo shows measuring the rod length.  The length between centers is 66 inches so whoever was holding the other end didn't have it exactly on center.   
Another view showing the structure of the rod and rod end.

The drawing below shows measurements of the Cass 6 rod.  I was unable to get a measurement of the pin size since it was covered by the large washer.  There is probably a sleeve bearing between the rod and pin.

The Cass 6 Wheel and Rod drawings above are included in the truck drawing that can be downloaded from the Drawing page. 


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